Hedonistic Obscurantist

if i have a belief
it's in the make believe
and the practical magic
obscurantists preach
Hogwarts like seminaries
and plastic beads
thrown at worry
like Mardi Gras
Fat Tuesday
every day

i am on the verge of
will redeem sanctity when
i turn in x number of envelopes
to my parish

indulgences are all mine
in my head
in my mind
especially when it rains
i mean Holy Water
salty tears

well, it's wet and
it keeps coming
i thought you were only baptized
but maybe i was never

maybe it's that
veil of tears
real after all
and life after all is a process of dying
to ourselves
and in the end just a matter of where
we Fall

By Laurel k. Graham

1 comment:

George Gaudet said...

Perhaps,and if and maybe
it is because I am a Catholique, or
maybe it's the subtle atheistic tendency of my mind to find fault
in anything and everything in god slash religion slash other stuff, and as everything is anything really,I hate to admit that I didn't dislike your poem/s; In short, I really enjoyed the poem/s