There is no More Y

most people aren't happy
the priest said to me
no ones life is the way they want it to be
we all live in the garden
to a greater or lesser degree
some get cement, some sea
even He had Gestheme
as of late I have heard this line about
my cross and all I am to bear
just as I have begun to share
with all who will listen
or hell anyone within earshot
of my blind husband
and all the fears in me
at first the advice I received
made me contrite I could see
but didn't
for failing to readily accept my new family accessory
and duty to constantly remind
the blind to carry his cane
I get tired afterall
near only medical device you'll get for free
a white cane no questions asked
no one really wants one of these
legislators figure
it's cheaper than a street cleaner
forgive me for
relying on the rhyme of E
on the eye chart it's nearly all he can
and E represents to me
the sum of the two I(s) / eye(s)
we once had
and between them is Y
but Y has lost its meaning
a satellite
sometimes consonant
a question, an answer
lost now in the periphery
till even the E
of ego
goes and
leaves me
the only I

By Laurel K. Graham

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