Waking Up at the Bustop

Haunting Love. Huntress of Dark Desires.
In the gathering twilight. Moonlight
Breathing blue.
The end comes suddenly. Dead among blossoming
Post Mordumb madness
lives to be still-born. A mother's grief.
Pain of creations desired desire to be creative.
Modern Matrimony. Terribly wounded, shadowy
Singing sisters pray.
Charming melody of seaside girls
Decked in silky blood red
Dresses weeping wailing weary
Maid-of-honors.Seas. Smiles
Of mourning women.
Good Idea he had of it Mr Joyce
Says. Smart idea, certainly so,
" Marry in May and repent in December"
Long and short of it.
And one night
They'll bring you the leg
Of a duck." and so
Life limps on...

.Befitting storm clouds gather
Above his head.
Pleasing as anything to sea
Cottony clouds of vengeance.
"When did ye return?" Emily asked
Indifferently thinking
"... Dick is sin..."
Emily in fading blue denim jeans,
In the arms of her lover, broad
Armed Mr.Collins
There in the land of the dead
Just 'round th'way, and he
" I've returned just last week" Grey
Hound bus from Reading
To Penn Station...asleeping...
Were you waiting long?"
" The splendor of traveling cheap!"
To himself thinking
"Sweet taste of her ovaries"
Wearing moonblue shoes new
In a striped suit splintering at the seams

Forsaken In silence,
Silent in cruelty.


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Anonymous said...

interesting, You have a style of your own. I hope you like the poems I submitted